The short answer is personality.

It’s true, most Realtors perform the same tasks, and have access to the same tools.

I believe a little southern charm and drive to get things done goes a long way in this business.

I go into greater detail in my about page, however I started practicing real estate in 2018 part time.
When my career in the Vision Center ended I became a full time agent in 2019.
I enjoy taking most photos with my Nikon d5100. My broker has a number of photos they allow us to use for marketing, and for general purpouses. Every thing else I like to use images from
They have a number of copyright free images from some amazing artists.

I rememer when SPAM was a tasty type of ham in a can.
I don’t want to deminish the importance of my emails by sending you something just to send you something.

You’re information is stored on an encrypted server at the open house.
I am the only one who has access to the information collected.
Upon signing in, the system  delivers a brief email containing information about me and the house being visited.
The owner is told, only the number of visitors that attended.
I won’t reach out to you unless you ask me to, or you click the button that allows me to reach out to you.
There is no open house mailing list.
There is a birthday mailing list, which is why there is an unsubscribe button on some of my emails.

As long as the investment property is healthy, I try to interupt the tenants as little as possible.
My Property Managment Page. goes into more detail.