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June 18, 2024
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Listing your investment to lease is 60% of the first month’s rent, which is divided evenly between both agents.

Managing your investment is 10% of each month’s rent. If the rent is less than $1,000, the management fee is $100.

Looking for a Property Manager?

Greetings, my name is Stephen Honea, and I have been a realtor since my friend, Ollie, suggested we take the real estate exam together back in 2018.

We never anticipated our careers as Optical managers would end and one in real estate would begin. After the transition, I discovered that real estate was less about selling property, and more about creating relationships. My friend Danny, when we first met, said were in the people business. Work with good people, and you’ll have a good business.

With that being said, here are a few reasons why you should select me to manage your investment.

The most important reason, you’re choosing a relationship with me. One person. One person who handles property maintenance. One person who manages vendors and, tenants. One person who oversees rent and expenses. When you call, you get me.

For some brokers, your relationship is reduced to a number. They favor text messages and emails, over a conversation. My relationship is more proactive, one that favors conversations over text.

By selecting me to manage your investment, you have access to all the tools and technology HomeSmart has to offer. Listings placed on all the popular real estate applications. Tenant application screening, and processing. Owner portals and tenant apps courtesy of appfolio.

I started managing properties in 2020, and it’s something that I enjoy doing to this day. Every relationship is unique, and if you want to start one with me, give me a call.

Property Management

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