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In 2020 97% of the homebuyers use the internet to find their home.
I know what you’re thinking… Do newspapers still exist?

I’m sure if you checked the browser history of the above 97%, we would see online services like Zillow, Tulia, and
These are excellent choices to begin the journey towards finding your new home.

A better choice would be selecting a Lender.  Why?

Homebuyers need a budget (ie loan approval), and they can help you come up with one.  Lenders will get to know you.  They will ask you questions outside of debt-to-income ratios, and paystubs.  Lenders are going to approve you for a loan designed for you.

Next step would be to select a Realtor.  Why?

Unlike those fancy websites, Realtors will get to know you.

On the website you put a 4 in the little space marked bedrooms, but they don’t know what you really want is two bedrooms, an office space, dog shower for sparkey, and a workout room for that Peloton bike and Yoga balls.

Realtors are along for the journey focused on achieving your goals.

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